Founded in 2022 by Franklin Hartman, Reverie DSP is a passion project. It explores the boundaries between art, tools, and games, finding that often blurring those lines leads to the most interesting ideas. Ultimately, Reverie DSP makes audio tools and sounds for your enjoyment.

Shadowbox is the first adventure in bridging the gap between tech and music. The visual components have a physical, tangible feel, with a fantastical ambience that wouldn’t be out of place in a point-and-click adventure. This isn’t a tool for technicians, it’s a tool for artists, and for those wanting complex and unique sounds which invoke a sense of play.

Interested in working together? Reverie DSP is always open for like-minded collaborators in the audio space. Whether that includes programming, design, mixing, composition, or some combination, reach out to frank@reveriedsp.com. You can also view more of Frank’s work at franklinhartman.com and lomismo.bandcamp.com.